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WSModder Football Club has a rich heritage when it comes to football. Our juniors won numerous awards in the past for club of the year. We have the best facilities around for not only playing football, but also training and game preparation. Our coaches are passionate about the game and will ensure your child has the best coaching and advice. We can offer specialised one-on-one training if your child needs extra coaching in goalkeeping or any particular skill they are trying to master.


The coaching staff and officials of Modder Football Club understand that children participate in football to have fun. If children don’t have fun playing football, they’ll soon pack it in.

We never forget that the game of football is just that - a game. It’s not about how many wins and losses are accumulated. It’s not about how many goals we score or concede. It’s all about enjoying the game and, at the same time, learning and developing football as well as life skills.

Proper football development requires that children play age appropriate activities so they are able to experience, comprehend, and execute the game as it relates to where they are at their own stage of physical and mental development. 

It is about playing in different positions so the player learns all the skills necessary to develop in the game.

It’s about receiving equal playing time, so the players are all given equal opportunity to learn.

It’s about learning the individual technique and tactical side of the game through a variety of fun games and activities where players have as much contact with a ball as possible and learn at their own pace.

We have undertaken to change the philosophy of standard football training practices and implement a system that is unique and focuses solely on the technical development of the child; this blueprint will form the basis and core of our training from U6 to U12.

We are striving to ensure that each child receives a minimum of 400 touches of the ball per training session.

TEAMS FOR 2017 (Before registrations)

U7 - 

U8 - Coach Adrian & Shaun

U9 - Coach Fifi

U10 - Coach Shayne

U11 - Coach Shonn 

U12 - Coach Shonn

U13 - Coach Lee


Take note of the following age groups and what team your child will be in.

2010 - U7 | 2009 - U8 | 2008 - U9 | 2007 - U10 | 2006 - U11 | 2005 - U12 | 2004 - U13 | 2003 - U14

Alternatively, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a registration form will be sent. All pricing will be discussed via email or phone.

There will be an open day in February to register and meet the coaches. A date will be determined in due course.

 Honours Roll 2016:

U8 Cup - ELFA Cup Finalist Runner Up

U9 Cup - ELFA Cup Finalist Runner Up

U10 Cup - ELFA Cup Final Winners

U11 Cup - ELFA Cup Final Winners

U16 Cup - ELFA Cup Final Winners

U17 SL - ELFA Super League Winners

Blessing Dube - ELFA District Side.

Daniel Zanninello - ELFA District Side.

Emmanuel Gitonga - ELFA District Side.

Ryan Voogt - ELFA District Side.

Brandon Bam - ELFA District Side.

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