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We're top of the league when it comes to 6-a-side Astro Football. We play with a heavier Futsal ball enabling a more touch-friendly and accurate game of football. You're in control of the game...... nets are not part of how we play; this allows you to be more accurate in your passing, shooting and distribution.
We've been running well organised, structured and hassle free games of football for a while now so if you want a casual game every now and then or fancy the challenge of a league ranging from skillful to not so skillful, Astro Football at the Modder Sports Complex offers the game the way it should be - hassle free and enjoyable. 
We take pride in the way we play football, we set a high standard of refereeing and will not tolerate violence or over-aggressive teams or players and as such this is reflected on the pitch, all our teams enjoy playing with us as we have a personal touch with each team. Each incident or altercation is taken seriously and is discussed with the referees after the game, where we can either improve his style of refereeing or take advice from the teams of how they think we can improve the standard of reffing. This is a process that works and is proven with us..... 
We offer games for adults/kids/socials and companies, so if you just want to have a run around with mates or have fun with company employees, then let us know and we'll hook you up! 
On our site will be a comprehensive list of rules, we don't expect you to study them, but please understand this is a contact sport so regulations and respect towards referees as well as othear players needs to be abided by in order for everyone to relax, enjoy their game without any injuries or harm to dignity. All teams captains will sign an acknowledgment that they have read and understood rules. 

Please proceed to next page for rules.


 Start and End of Match
  • Play is started by the referee whistle at the centre circle.
  • At the start of play the ball must touch the surface before it is kicked by any player.
  • Game duration is 20 minutes each way for leagues.
  • There shall be 10 players, maximum per squad in one night.
  • Game ends when referee blows whistle at end of clock even if ball is still in play or referee deems otherwise.

Non Team member players
  • A team is allowed no more than two non-member players per match and all non-member players should be agreed before kick-off with the opposing captain and the referee. 
  • The referee reserves the right to refuse non-member players if, in his opinion, the outcome of the match would be considerably altered.
  • Teams may not use non-member players as substitutes.
  • If a team uses a non-member player, that team is still liable to pay their full match fee.
  • If a non-member player is disciplined during the game then the team captain is responsible for any fine.

  • In the event of a penalty being awarded, time shall be added at the end of either half.
  • The penalty taker is allowed no more than one step before striking the ball.
  • The penalty spot is clearly marked with a line one metre behind where non-striking foot is to be placed.
  • The keeper must remain on his line and not move until the ball is struck.
  • It is the responsibility of teams to clarify to the referee who is taking the penalty kick.
  • Teams will be penalised and the penalty disallowed if the referee feels the goalkeeper was placed at a disadvantage by the opposing teams not making it clear who was taking the penalty kick.
  • In the event of the keeper saving the penalty, there is no rebound allowed.
  • Once the penalty kick is taken, that is it. 

The Goalkeeper | The Area
  • The goalkeeper may leave his area.
  • If the goalkeeper makes a save and part of his body slides out of the area, then the referee shall use his discretion. However, in this instance, for the referee to rule in favour of the goalkeeper, the ball must have remained in the area and part of the goalkeeper’s body must also have remained in the area. If, in the referee’s opinion, the goalkeeper started a sliding save too near to the edge of the area, which he could have reasonably foreseen would have taken the majority of his body out of the area (even though the ball may have remained in the area) then the referee shall penalize the goalkeeper.
  • The referee shall take into account the conditions of the surface in determining how far goalkeepers may slide out of the area.
  • The goalkeeper may roll, throw or drop-kick the ball out with an underarm action, overarm action or throw-in action.
  • If a team makes a change of goalkeeper during the match then the referee must be notified before the change is made.
  • The goalkeeper may kick the ball under any circumstances.
  • If the goalkeeper kicks or throws from his half and all opposition players miss ball with or without touching ball and it goes into opposition goal net, the goal stands.

 Back passes
  • The goalkeeper may receive a back pass from his player via a kick action, but may not pick the ball up.
  • If there was an intentional back pass off a wall to the keeper, he may then pick ball up.
  • The referee shall use discretion when determining a back pass.
  • The keeper may pick up a back pass from a header or a chest. 

  • Outfield players may not play with a cap, hat, jeans, jewellery, watch or any other personal items that may injure an opposition player.
  • The goalkeeper is allowed to wear a cap.
  • Players may not play without a shirt on.
  • No studded football boots, takkies, work boots or any shoes that are not of indoor football standard or hockey standard.
  • No player may play with a cast on his arm unless it’s suitably protected and passed by management.
  • Teams are to wear kits that match (tops only) or t-shirts that match. 

  • Teams are allowed 4 substitutes who must stand behind the goal which is occupied by their goalkeeper.
  • More than one substitution is allowed at any one time however, if there are more than the allotted players on court at any one time the teams shall be penalised.
  • Substitutes can be used as often and whenever the team wishes.
  • Substitutes are not allowed onto the playing area until the substitutes player has left.
  • If a substitute enters play and substituted player has not left field and the ball strikes them, then the referee shall award a penalty. 

 The Net Rule
  • The ball cannot be played using nets.
  • Should the ball hit the net during play, the ball is deemed out and play will resume with kick off from general area where ball hit the net.
  • Opposition player needs to be one meter away from kick off.
  • If the goalkeeper deflects ball onto back net, a corner will be awarded and corner to be taken from designated area. Opposition player to be one meter away from kick.
  • The referee shall decide what constitutes a corner if there is confusion.

 Free Kicks
  • On all free kicks, players should be one metre from the ball.
  • If a player refuses to retreat from the free kick or, as the free kick is being taken extends any part of his body towards the ball which means that he is no longer one metre from the free kick then he shall be penalised by ball being moved forward one metre.
  • The ball should be stationary before the free kick is taken.

 The one metre Rule
  • If a player fails to retreat one metre or, the ball hits a player from the free kick who has not retreated one metre, or who has extended his leg towards the ball meaning that he is no longer one metre from the ball, then the referee shall move play forward one metre and allow the kick to be taken again.
  • Players that show dissent towards the referee or his decision at a free kick will result in the kick being moved forward two metres.
  • The referee may move the kick forward at two metre intervals, however many times he wishes.
  • If by moving the ball forward two metres, the free kick then becomes within the area of the defending side, a penalty shall be awarded.

 General Rules
  • If applicable, the referee’s scoring overrules the scoreboard.
  • The referee will be the sole judge of whether a tackle is dangerous or not in the best interests of the spirit of the game.
  • Teams should make every attempt to play in similar colours or use the coloured bibs provided.
  • Teams who arrive late for their kick off time may be subject to forfeiture of the match.
  • The signing of the registration form indemnifies Modder Sports Complex, Modder Astro Leagues from any responsibility for personal injury or lost property whilst participating in the organised leagues. Teams are responsible for arranging their own medical aid insurance.
  • If teams wish to cancel a match on the day of the game, they automatically lose 5-0 (Modder Astro Leagues allow a flexible squad system) and their opponents will play a friendly arranged by Modder Astro Leagues.
  • The match referee has sole discretion to alter the timings for games as may be necessary.
  • If a team fails to turn up for a scheduled fixture without giving 3 days’ notice, they lose the fixture 5-0 and will be charged the full match fee for the missed game. Teams who wish to withdraw from the league need to give two weeks’ notice of their intent to withdraw from the league.
  • Disciplinary procedures are set in place. Any suspension is to be acknowledged by team captain and to be adhered to. A report of the suspension will be emailed to relevant parties.
  • Yellow Card – CAUTION, player is to leave field for 2 minutes. Substitutions may still occur with other team members.
  • Red Card – Dismissal, player is to leave field for 5 minutes. No Substitutions may occur in that period and offending player may not enter field of play again. Disciplinary action will take place.
  • 2 Yellows – Dismissal, player is to leave field for 5 minutes, substitutions may occur without offending player.
    • DISMISSAL: Includes dangerous play, sarcasm and swearing at official.
    • SERIOUS DISMISSAL: Includes persistent verbal abuse towards official, blows exchanged between players or fighting.
    • DISMISSAL & EJECTION: Includes physical abuse towards official plus serious incidents involving other players or spectators. 

 The Sin Bin
  • There is a disciplinary procedure in place for all leagues and it is the responsibility of all teams’ captains to adhere to this. However, if a player is shown the yellow card then he is sin-binned for two minutes and must wait behind his own goal until the referee instructs him to come back onto the field of play. If the player refuses to leave the pitch immediately then a red card and dismissal will occur.
  • The referee shall be the sole timekeeper in cases of sin-bin.

  • If a player is dismissed then he should leave the pitch immediately. Failure to do so will result in the referee automatically awarding the match to his opponents.  

 Time Wasting
  • Small-sided football, officials are instructed to take a more active approach towards time wasting.
  • If a player is guilty of time wasting at any point then the referee has full discretion to either award a free kick or a penalty kick as he see fit.
  • The player does not need to be warned about time wasting.

 Penalties for Infringement of the Rules
    • Intentional handball (and the player gains an advantage by doing so)
    • Players time wasting.
    • At a drop ball situation, a player does not allow the ball to touch the surface before striking it.
    • A player not retreating one metre from the ball or showing dissent (this may also result in a penalty, see earlier rules).
    • A direct pass back to the keeper. In this instance the free kick should be taken one metre outside the area where the ball left the area (the back pass must be intentional and the keeper must pick up the ball.
    • A player committing a slide tackle (players are allowed to slide in the course of making a pass, however, they are not allowed to slide when making a tackle and this is for the players’ own safety)
    • Two on one tackles.
    • Tackles from behind.
    • Kicking the ball away. This may also result in the referee yellow carding the offending player.
    • If a goal is scored by a player whose shoe comes off during the course of kicking the ball into the goal then the goal shall be disallowed and a direct free kick awarded to the opposition where the player kicks the ball from)
    • Fouls & Obstruction.
    • A player attempting to play or playing the ball or being on the court with his shirt off.
  • A player deliberately handballs in the area.
  • A slide-tackle in the area.
  • A Foul on opposition player.
  • Two on one tackle in the area. 

  • The referee may award either a indirect free kick, a direct free kick or a penalty if a team plays with more than its allotted number of players on the pitch at any one time. The referee should award the free kick (if that is his choice) when the offence is spotted and where he spotted the offence. 

 Extra Rules for Modder Astro leagues
  • Where the ball leaves the area of play, the referee shall award a kick-in to the appropriate team.
  • At a kick-in the ball should be stationary and the opposing player should be one metre from the ball.
  • The wall may be used to play against.
  • The goalkeeper may throw the ball however high and far he likes.  


 What Does Your Match Fee Cover?
  • That match fee goes towards the pitch hiring enabling you to participate in the sport itself. When you pay this fee you agree that the full amount of your fee is directly paid, via the organiser, manager, referee or any staff associated acting as the collection officer, for the following:
    • The hire cost of the pitch.
    • The cost of the referee and the match balls which are essential to the playing of the chosen competitive sport.  

 As our members you agree that when you make these payments you are making a commitment to participate in the league, you automatically become our members along with other players in the league who are also our members, and that as part of our wider club or membership all our members have exclusivity on the pitch. 

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