About our 6 A-Side

indoor football

We're top of the league when it comes to 6-a-side Astro Football. We play with a heavier Futsal ball enabling a more touch-friendly and accurate game of football. You're in control of the game...... nets are not part of how we play; this allows you to be more accurate in your passing, shooting and distribution.
We've been running well organised, structured and hassle free games of football for a while now so if you want a casual game every now and then or fancy the challenge of a league ranging from skillful to not so skillful, Astro Football at the Modder Sports Complex offers the game the way it should be - hassle free and enjoyable. 
We take pride in the way we play football, we set a high standard of refereeing and will not tolerate violence or over-aggressive teams or players and as such this is reflected on the pitch, all our teams enjoy playing with us as we have a personal touch with each team. Each incident or altercation is taken seriously and is discussed with the referees after the game, where we can either improve his style of refereeing or take advice from the teams of how they think we can improve the standard of reffing. This is a process that works and is proven with us..... 
We offer games for adults/kids/socials and companies, so if you just want to have a run around with mates or have fun with company employees, then let us know and we'll hook you up! 
On our site will be a comprehensive list of rules, we don't expect you to study them, but please understand this is a contact sport so regulations and respect towards referees as well as othear players needs to be abided by in order for everyone to relax, enjoy their game without any injuries or harm to dignity. All teams captains will sign an acknowledgment that they have read and understood rules. 

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